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Event Management

Eventing can be a very stressful and costly experience and is notorious for surprising you with unexpected costs. Lifestyle Events Management Service is designed to allow you to enjoy the design, setup and production of your event as we take care of everything! We operate all manner of events from small scale parties and corporate events to large scale music events and more

The process for becoming one of our clients is really easy. Just contact us via the form here on our website and we contact you within 24 hours. Then its a simple 4 steps to get your event up and running.

1. Event Consultation

A Free 2 hour session to discuss the objectives, location and budget of your event so our team can get an excellent understanding of what you are trying to achieve and our role in supporting and running the event.

2. The Budget Breakdown

A budget breakdown is sent to you so you can look over where we will be assigning your finances. We treat your event as if its our own and our excellent relationships across the eventing and hospitality community allow us to secure excellent rates for you.

3. The Go

Now we have a direction and a budget all we need is for you to agree to our Ts and Cs and we are off!

4. Updates

You will have a contact at Lifestyle Events that you can get hold of regarding your event at anytime. We agree at the consultation how often you would like event updates and we send these via email or a personal phone call.

We are confident you will be impressed with our commitment to your event and the level of success we will be able to achieve on your behalf.

Some of the benefits you will get from working with us are...

  • Experience – Our team has worked on a huge range of events and operate our own event schedule so we can keep ourselves on the cutting edge
  • Value – We work hard with everyone from contractors to venues to make sure you get excellent value for money.
  • Variety – We pride ourselves in offering event solutions that stand out, that have that little bit extra for your guests.
  • Service – We keep you informed and involved... if that's what you want! We structure our service for what you need.
  • Peace of Mind – We include events insurance in your budget to ensure you can relax when it comes to the day of the event.
  • Information - Our website allows us to manage ticketed events in-house. We not only can supply an online ticket service but we provide data reports so you can analyse your market
  • Honesty – We want you to be successful, as such we will only ever give you advice that we feel is in YOUR best interests

We look forward to hearing from you!